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Westfield Family - Brisbane Family Photographer

One of the best things about winter in Queensland is that it is really pleasant! From the stunning sunsets, cooler temperatures, less rain and all the plants coming out in flower early, winter has to be my favourite time of year for family photoshoots.

Except for that one week we get every year of icy blasting wind, I'm looking at you Ekka Week.

So by the time you throw an awesome family into a sun soaked afternoon in the studio gardens, its going to be golden hour all afternoon long!

The Westfield family were last in front of my camera in 2015 when they looked like this:

Flash forward five years and here we are in 2020 with a few small changes... like hair on Olivia's head (and Troys chin) and a few missing teeth for Harrison. Of course their mum still looks as radiant as ever, seriously Jodie you look as youthful as ever!

This was such a fun shoot outside, the gardens were super lush green this afternoon, which set off against Olivias pretty dress just perfectly.

With everyone having a big giggle and some super cute snuggles, the photoshoot was well underway.

The kids loved climbing into my gorgeous big white chair and pulling silly faces at each other until they collapsed into more giggle fits!

Then it was time for a change of scenery and a wander further through the gardens. Family photoshoots are always a lovely mix of posed and formal photos and candid fun moments, and thats exactly what we captured int his session!

Often as parents, our most recent photo together was taken on our wedding day, so I always remember to capture some of that loved up magic at a family photoshoot too. I just adore how obviously happy and loved up these two are!

The kids shooed their parents out of centre stage again for some more awesome kid time in front of the camera. Single portraits and sibling giggles galore!

Living on acreage means that the studio gardens are always changing. With the drought last year we lost two large gum trees, one of which is still laying where it fell and makes for a really cool place to sit, stand or muck around on.

A family photography session always finishes with some really relaxed games where chaos rules and laughs are contagious. Running and cuddling might be two of the top things that kids love the most at this age I reckon!

See what I mean? These super cute and ultra cheeky smiles are fully of flushed, happy times!

Family photoshoots are followed immediately by a viewing and order appointment so they could see their photos right away and design what to put up in their home. With a few different spaces to work with, we created a large 30 inch framed gallery print for the lounge and 3 individual framed fine art prints for the hallway.

And this was the gorgeous image that they chose for the included fine art print that came with their session:

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