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Family Photos with Teenagers - Family Photographer Brisbane

Like, whatever. You know.

Oh you speak teenager too? Sweet. I mean... sick.

Nope, now its alg.

Isn't it? Or is it just an emoji of a chair now? Oi oi oi. Teens amiright? I swear they make a new word every other week just to talk in code behind our backs and make us feel so ooooold.

I asked my sister who has teens what words they use instead of "cool" now and she said there isn't one because teens don't think anything is cool.

Look, we all know how uncool adults are, and I am first to put my hand up and say "I embrace my daggy mom-ness!" because as I tell my kids (now age 10 and 11), I was cool until I had them. So if they think I'm not cool, or lit or whatever the hell they say these days, that's on them.

Please brace yourself for a bold statement: Teenage years are amazing.

I'll give you a beat to stop laughing and stick with me here...

Put your blinders on to the mood swings and sulky-silence and eye-rolls and screen addiction and bomb-site-bedrooms for a minute. Look past all of that and see the incredible young adults in your life, their achievements and their passions.

Seeing our children grow into young versions of their adult selves with new levels of maturity and responsibility and intelligence, and as parents, connecting with them in new adult ways, it is so extraordinary.

You will definitely notice that their portraits are different to when they were younger, and maybe that's because I photograph a little differently as well. There's less "twinkle twinkle... BOO!" and more "Which one of you is the funny one?" kind of conversations to help everyone relax and capture gorgeous genuine smiles as well.

To capture the teenage years with family portraits is so important. Your family dynamic is changing and your relationships are different, sometimes more serious, sometimes just as goofy as ever but with a different vibe.

Like maybe you all swear in front of each other now and make crude jokes that kids never would. Or maybe as parents you love to be as daggy as you can to try to embarrass your kids for a laugh.

Some of the most popular images I capture at family photoshoots with teenagers are the "awkward family photo" where we pose everyone as awkwardly as possible just for fun. Of course, we always capture some classic relaxed photos as well, but it's a lot of fun to go a bit nuts too.

If you are the observant type, you might have noticed that these are all outdoor sessions. I do find that outdoor sessions in the on-site studio gardens are always a lot more relaxed for family shoots, especially with older kids, but sometimes the weather does not work in our favour and if we cant reschedule, then we still have the option of indoor photos. Just check out this family with 6 kids that we did half the session indoors due to the weather. The other half we actually did out in the rain with umbrellas - it really was a lot of fun!

Oh, and just to clarify - no I don't photograph weddings! This gorgeous family had their wedding date covid-cancelled so were married at the registry office in 2020 and held their reception with all their family and friends months later when everything was up and open again. They booked me to capture everyone in their good gear on the party day then went off for a joy-ride in the limo to their wedding reception after our shoot.

The sad thing is, without any big event like a wedding, many families miss this opportunity to capture the teenage years, which really are one of the big milestones in your parenting life.

Busy schedules with school, sport, part time jobs and of course the all-important teenage social life mean that finding the perfect date that works for everyone can be a bit tricky.

But it is worth the effort. Because when you look back on your life, in 5, 10, 20 years time and say "Oh do you remember what we did as a family on the afternoon of 12 September 2022?" Of course you don't.

But that's they day you could have spent laughing and hanging out together, your family unit captured in glorious sunshine - or rain!

The thing is, after the teenage years comes the 20s, when our kids move out and begin living their own lives. Next thing you know they find love and and are making families of their own and your family unit has changed forever.

Time really does fly by, so don't put it off any longer.

Don't miss the opportunity to get together for an afternoon. Make it happen. Prioritise this.

It could just be your last ever family photos.



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