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Gabriela and Eleanor - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

WARNING: This post contains an extremely adorable newborn photography session!

I do love photographing newborn babies and their families, so when there are more than one in a session, its double the sweetness!

Gabriela and Eleanor arrived at their photoshoot ready to smash it out of the park! I am terrible for mixing up names so I made sure that I noted who was in each colour for the family photos. In case youre wondering, Gabriela in is grey, Eleanor is in blue.

I love the bright white and soft blue tones chosen for their family photos, and while I was worried that Millie might have taken a little while to warm up to me, she was in protective big sister mode from the moment they arrived and so excited to hold and snuggle her baby sisters!

Sibling photos are always so adorable to capture, I love to include at least two different styles in every session, sometimes more depending on if the older kids are happy to snuggle or not. Theres always a photo that matches the family photos so we can create a set of images that compliment each other and then some other styles like this one where Millie's arms only just reach around her sisters.

One of the most favourite family images at a newborn or baby session is the black and white circle, its a gorgeous contemporary portrait that celebrates connection and love. Even families who are unsure about being in front of a camera find that this family photo is something that they love and want to look at on the wall of their home every day.

Its always important in a twin session to capture each baby on their own as well. As any parent will know, no two children are the same and this goes for multiples too. I love to photograph similar images of each baby so that when they sit side-by-side you can see their unique differences.

As part of a newborn photography session I always include a fancy basket setup (or a simple one if that's more your thing) and since the blue tones were part of their family photos, I chose a soft blue flower basket set for one fo the prop-styled photos.

One of my signature photos I capture at every newborn session is the teddy bear bonnet, and just because there are two babies doesn't mean that we skip this one, I have a few different colours of teddies and bonnets to work into the session.

Babies are small, we all know that, but when you see how Gabriela and Eleanor can just fit into the hands of their parents and big sister it really shows how small. I love images like this as it is only a short time before they are too big to fit here anymore and are wriggly giggly babies crawling around your house!

Its always fun to get a little bit creative in your newborn photography session, and this simple (but clearly very safe) setup of Gabriela and Eleanor hanging from a branch was a standout image for me in this session, something a little different but still classic and simple.

I should mention, all these soft and sweet baby photos, sleeping peacefully with the occasional smile might be a little mis-representative of the entire session. Don't get me wrong, most of the session is settled and calm as I find newborns are pretty chilled while they are wrapped up. However I do like to lift the curtain occasionally and share some real moments, such as this image from when we unwrapped the girls! A little snuggle and a top up feed and all was well again, I promise!

With so many beautiful images in their gallery, the family decided to print everything into an 11x11 inch fine art album, which you can see a walkthrough of here:

Newborn Photography Brisbane | Family Photographer Brisbane


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