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OMG! I'm Ten Years Old!

You know that saying that time flies when youre having fun? Well I have clearly been having A LOT of fun because I just realised that my family photography business is now TEN YEARS OLD!

It feels like yesterday when I took the leap from my “glamorous” TV jobs on Big Brother, Totally Wild and A Current Affair … to becoming my own boss and launching “Family Photography by Natarsha March” .

Back then my 2-year-old’s bedroom was a makeshift studio with my entire prop collection fitting into two boxes secretly stashed under her bed 🤣 You can see her bed with toddler-frame in the background of this shot:

I still remember my first booking that wasn't a friend. I was SO surprised when they actually booked in and I won't show their images because they were... not good. I was too nervous and inexperienced back then, but we all start somewhere right?

I photographed literally hundreds of Brisbane families in that room, between the bed and the beanbag there was almost no room for anything or anyone else - and I used to photograph babies naked the whole session so the room was a freaking SAUNA at 30+ degrees the whole time so that the babies weren't cold. I apologise to all those Dads who could not bear to be in the room, with experience comes wisdom and I have much better practices in place now.


But gee, how times have changed!

Fast forward 10 years later, I now have a dedicated studio space with GORGEOUS private gardens PERFECT for your family photos, have photographed more than 1,000 families and received 30+ Professional Industry Awards.

AND … my daughter now has her bedroom back (except for a few props still under the bed LOL).


In the ten years of business there have been a lot of highs, and lows.

Highs such as joining the (now dissolved) Australian Institue of Professional Photographers, where I made a lot of amazing new friends. Entering and winning photography awards for my images, even picking up big titles like QLD Newborn Photograph of the Year and (four years running) Finalist for QLD Family Photographer of the Year.

I even had the highest scoring print in Family category and Newborn category in the Australian Professional Photography Awards - that was pretty amazing too.

The lows are few, although the stress of 2020 lockdowns and operating a small business during COVID has been intense.

More than ever, I am so grateful to the truly wonderful families that continue to support my small business, you are all like best-friends to me.

And without the lockdowns, I would never have made the iconic "Socially Distanced Photoshoots - Spice Girls" video.

Speaking of videos, I have had a lot of fun with those too - and all of my favourites feature my gorgeous girls. As well as that one above, we made a maternity and newborn photoshoot video where my youngest has a fake baby, then last y ear we made a Beyonce-inspired "Pregnant Ladies" video too.

You can find all my videos on my socials and on my YouTube channel.

Memorable shoots?

Well the snake session has to be up there! Water python Lydia is the personal pet of one of Tash and Chris Jordan, and I was so excited to include her in their family photos with their boys William and Lucas. Although she is a pet, I was still ultra-conscious of safety during the session, so all images with Lydia and the boys were captured separately and stiched together in photoshop.

The Dagan family filled so many hearts with warmth when we shared their story. After baby Rose grew her angel wings just weeks after birth, Little Eva surprised the family by arriving almost a year to the day later. The family all wore bright rainbow colours for their session and we included baby Rose with her special toys that were always with her during her short life. Their photoshoot and album were gifted from all their family and friends and we secretly recorded their reaction then shared with their permission in my most favourite feel-good video of all time.

The Myer family also stick in my mind as one of the funniest sessions I've done. Their teenagers were so easy going and we had so much fun taking lots of "awkward family photos" our in the studio gardens as well as the classic family shots.

FYI - I am ALWAYS up for a corny photo at a family photoshoot, anything to make us laugh (or eye roll from a sassy kid-ult)

As you can imagine, my camera bag has "developed" over the years too. #punalert

Back in those early days, I was shooting a Canon 550D with kit lens. I then upgraded to a 6D and I remember so clearly how excited I was to use it, then in the first newborn session with that camera the baby did a projectile poo and it got all over my brand new camera! Another reason I now photograph babies all wrapped up lol!

After the 6D, I got the 5Diii which was THE camera that you HAD to have if you were a photographer. After upgrading again in 2020 to the mirrorless R5 that 5Diii feels like a big heavy monster. But all of those cameras are my babies and I still love them and all their memories.

One of the biggest changes in the past 10 years was probably moving to our new home where I could finally have a dedicated studio space and make use of our amazing private gardens. No more public parks with dirty wet dogs shaking all over the clients as they arrive at the shoot in their good clothes (yes, that really happened one time) and no more waiting in line at the botanic gardens to capture a shot on the little island in the lake.



And one of the most heartwarming things is to see families I photographed back in 2012 still coming for updated photos now.

It's been 10 years of growth.

10 years of capturing "first family photos"with newborns.

10 years of documenting little people getting bigger.

10 years of creating images and artwork that make family homes cosier.

The work I do as your family photographer is so rewarding. You might book me to "take our family photos" but what I really do is capture your family connection in a way that you would never otherwise see. These images aren't just "photos", they are your family story, your legacy and your life milestones celebrated with love.

It's been a ride for sure, and I cant wait to see where it takes me next!

family photographer Natarsha March


To celebrate our 10th Birthday in style, I have put together a $10 “Birthday Bundle” Portrait Experience, which includes:

✅ A Pre-Session Consultation

✅ A FUN-FILLED Natarsha March Portrait Experience

✅ 1 High Res Digital File

✅ A Design & Purchase Appointment

✅ And a $100 Print Credit

Total Value - $300

Today - $10

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