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The Elkins Family - Family Photographer Brisbane

If there is one thing that makes a family photographers heart sing, its capturing a family story year after year.

The Elkin crew is one of those families. I first photographed this lot in 2013 when baby Jackson was born, then again when Caitlyn arrived, another session a few years ago when the kids were toddlers and most recently in our studio gardens now that the kids are all... well... kids!

Thats the thing with family photography. It is often something we do for a milestone, such as a new baby or a wedding, then every few years as the kids grow and change. This means, for most families, there are only a handful of professional family photoshoots in our lives before our children grow up, move out and start their own family units.


BRB, just getting my sooky self back together.

Ok. So where were we?

Family photos with the gorgeous Elkins family.

Ok so because we have photographed a few times in the past, I knew that this was going to be a really fun afternoon in the studio gardens. We knew they wanted a family photo for the wall as well, so I made sure that I had lots of options of the whole family together for them to choose that favourite image from.

As is always a part of the family photography experience we capture single portraits of each of the kids as well as sibling photos too.

And - because the last time adults have a nice photo together is .... well at their wedding, I always love to take a sweet capture of just the parents together as well.

These kids totally got into the jokes and messing around at the shoot, you can see their genuine smiles and twinkle in the eyes, these are two big things I aim to capture at a family photography session. Anyone can smile, but a smile that goes all the way to the eyes is something true and real and absolutely amazing to look at.

With the first round of images clicked off we set off into the studio gardens where I have a few spots specifically grown to create beautiful backdrops for portraits almost any time of the day.

Our large paperbark tree makes for a stunning texture to frame a family portrait like this one, and the afternoon light is always just divine.

Every kid LOVES the large swing I have in the garden as well. I had it custom built to be extra wide to hold 3 kids at once and there is a solid chain attaching it to the tree for strength, then roped up to look pretty in your photos too.

The last spot we head on our family photo walk is to the large grassy lawn at the front of the property where I have a large log placed in the perfect spot between trees where the afternoon sun can stream through and light up a family in the softest and warmest light possible.

As we hold the viewing appointment right after a photoshoot, we wander back to the studio up the driveway, pausing for the last family photo of the day in the purpose grown archway. I love this informal but classic portrait spot and it gets great smiles from Dads as it is certainly the last shot of the day!

If you would love to create family images for your home like the Elkins family, get in touch with Natarsha here.



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