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Kaia - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Oh baby Kaia, so sweet and so sassy!

She arrived three weeks early, surprising her parents in so many ways. Her Dad had been out of the country, due to fly home a few days later when he got the call that she was on her way already.

The brief for her session was soft colours, not much pink, not much flowers, but lots of pastel and warm tones.

So I set to work on my props and wraps designing a session to include some of my favourite pieces in a new way.

Kaias parents were so doting, snuggling and kissing her all the time, you could see immediately how elated they were to have her in their arms.

We snuggled her into a beautiful cream set, a little on the girly side but fitting perfectly with the soft colours that we were aiming for today. Kaia settled in ok, until I let my hand off her legs and she would spring them out in a nice stretch and smile at me like she had been waiting to do that. We bundled her back into the curly little shape, held for a little longer, and the same thing again! Oh she is cheeky, in the most adorable way.

I decided to wrap her up next in a snuggly tight wrap. She was pretty quick to get her hands out though and so we went along with it, her delicate little fingernails criss crossed over her heart.

Since she was in a deep sleep we decided to do a photo I keep just for very sleepy babies, the hanging basket. This is a tricky photo to create as it involves not just carefully posing the baby into the gorgeous vine wreath from David Lam Designs, but also a lot of photoshop skill to blend the two photos together to create the final image.

In the interest of baby safety, we never suspend babies for this image. The first photo is taken with the wreath solidly on the ground, an assistants hand holding it firmly in place while baby is posed and photographed. Baby is then removed from the prop, we lift it up and photograph the wreath dangling from its rope. Then those two images are merged together in photoshop to create the final stunning image.

Kaia slept right through all of it and was such a rockstar. With the last set of photos underway, that is sleeping on the beanbag, she snoozed through it all without a care. Until the very last photo when she unsettled a little and we agreed she was definitely due some milk! The session wound up and Kaia set off with her parents.

I had to feel for her Dad though, he had bought a special gift with her due date birthstone in it, which was now for the wrong birth month! They decided to keep it all the same as part of the joy of remembering how much her Kaia's arrival had caught everyone a little off guard.

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