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Baby Poppy - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Baby Poppy arrived with her two big brothers and very proud parents. The boys rushed right in to play with the toys in the play area while we went through the formalities before starting the photographing, and Poppy slept peacefully.

I usually pose with Mum first and had Poppy all snuggled in to her Mums arms. She was so content she even smiled! I showed her Mum the back of the camera and her eyes welled up and she said "Oh dont show me, Ill cry!".

And why wouldn't you? Your beautiful baby girl will only fit into your arms like this for just a few weeks before she grows too big to hold this way. This is why I love this hold so much, its such a beautiful image of mother and baby, their connection, their love, their bond.

Next we brought the boys in for a family photo, and Harper and Archie were so excited to have a turn in front of the camera. Archie got to stand on a little stool while Harper got to cuddle in with Dad.

The boy each had a turn by themselves for photos too. The boys didn't remember, but they had been to see me once before when little Harper was born. Archie was a great big brother then and is still an awesome big brother now. Sensible but fun, amazing blue eyes that sparkle with a little mischief and a lot of heart.

Harper is full of fun, cheeky smiles, cheeky giggles and lots of energy. The last time I saw him he was just days old and a tiny little 2.5kg. Well he certainly grew big and strong like his brother! The boys both calmed down and listened very carefully to their parents while we took their sibling photo, I think the both really love cuddling their new baby sister.

With the boys photos all finished they headed off for some morning tea while we finished Poppy's photos.

Firstly we photographed Poppy on a gorgeous lavender set. She was so sleepy and settled that I didnt have to wrap her at all for her shoot. The lavender colour was so perfect for her colouring too.

Next we did a yellow floral set and then a pink setup with a feather. I had this idea for a long time to create a nautilus shell shaped image and I love how this came up.

Poppy wasn't too sure about the beanbag photos at first, as it was the first time she had been on her belly since arriving. We managed to capture a couple of quick photos of her on her side before she decided that she wasn't happy. She had a little wriggle and started to suck on her fingers so we stopped everything to give her a little feed before winding down the session and waving our goodbyes.

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