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Baby Oscar - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Baby Oscar.

Adorable. Frowny. Snuggly. Delightful. Charming.

He snuck into the studio in silence as his parents and I said our hellos. He snuggled peacefully on dads chest as we did paperwork and set up for the session.

He settled into mums arms easily as we went through family photos.

We soon found out that Oscar liked to be wrapped tight. So I wrapped him tight and settled him onto the bean bag for a sleepy photo. He was just gorgeous laying there sound asleep. Until he wasn't...

Yes Oscar kept a close eye on me the whole session. As hard as I tried to get him into a deep sleep, he just kept checking in to see how things were coming along.

It wasn't a problem though, I just added more wrapped setups and snuggled him tight and he was happy enough, although always listening.

At one point we thought he really was in a deep sleep and perhaps we could move on to the "sleeping on beanbag" photos, but it turned out he wasn't. He was still awake and he was not happy when we tried to move him onto his side. A quick cuddle and he was content again, but we had been told!

To finish the session we did my neutral toned signature setup and guess what... Oscar was so happy!

Chilled out, reclining on the soft materials (no fluff!) he was chatting and looking around at all that he could see. Those beautiful eyes locking right on my camera and enabling me to capture the most stunning images of his inquisitive little face.

And that was the end of the day! Oscar was dressed in his comfy clothes again and he quickly settled into his carseat for the drive home.

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