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Yasmin and Lulu Twin Girls - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

When Suzi contacted me to arrange a newborn session I was so excited!

I have photographed her older two girls for years and they are always such a delight, as is Suzi. We talk so much at her shoots it feels like I am hanging out with a friend and happen to have my camera with me.

So I was thrilled to hear she was expecting again. Then I read further into the email and saw she was having twins! I literally squealed out loud with excitement for her and their family.

When photo day finally came, I had prepared the shoot before they arrived. Usually I will design the shoot when the family is here, but after working with Suzi many times before I knew she would love everything I loved. And she did.

Lulu and Jasmine were just on two weeks old at the shoot, they were such tiny little poppets born at 2.4 and 2.6 kg.

I had decided to keep them wrapped for as long as possible to help keep the session flowing as best we could since there was only Suzi and myself there. Her husband dropped them off then headed home to help the grandparents look after the older girls.

So the first set we did was in the floral wreath, soft peachy tones with baby pinks. Lulu has very pink skin tone and Yasmin is darker skinned and slightly bigger of the two, and they just looked so beautiful snuggled in amongst the flowers.

We then did some single photos of each girl on the beanbag before pairing them together again and adding a wrap to look like a bow tying them together.

The next shot I wanted to create was the flower garden image above. I photographed each girl separately in the pink flower prop and then stitched the photos together in photoshop to create the garden image with them both together. I loved this image so much that I entered it into the 2018 AIPP Queensland Professional Photography Awards where it received a silver award!

I used the same technique on the next setup, a yellow and white one that I knew would look so striking with the girls wrapped almost inside what starts to look like the "infinity" figure 8 sign, always bonded but still unique from each other.

Next we started unwrapping them a little and snuggling them into each other, newborn babies cuddling each other has to be my number one heart melter!

With Lulu starting to wake up we called it a day, Dad came back to collect everyone and even brought big sister Tia with him and she has grown so much since I last saw her! Kids have a terrible habit of growing up.

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