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Baby Amelia - Brisbane Baby Photographer

I knew right from the start that this was going to be an awesome shoot. Sitting babies are so happy and sweet and chubby and fun to photograph and Amelia was no exception.

I had photographed her big sister Eloise as a sitter and so it was great to see her again. Eloise bounded out of hte car, chatting away immediately and pumping straight into a high five as we said hello.

Amelia was out of the car next, a little groggy from the drive. We schedule sitter sessions after their morning nap, but somehow they always know that theres something going on and more often than not the babies skimp on that morning nap on photo day. It didnt phase her much though, she was still happy and smiley, snuggling into her parents while Eloise got stuck into the toy box right away.

With family photos clicked off we moved onto some portraits of Eloise and then the sisters together. Eloise had found the pink pram amongst the toys and I suddenly had the idea of a super girly photo of the sisters playing with the pram. I did this image in two stages for safety reasons. Firstly I photographed Eloise pushing the pram and looking into it, then we sent her out to find another toy while we placed Amelia into the pram and kept Mum very close by to stabilise her. Since she looked so sweet I kept one of these images in the gallery too.

Then the with a wave of the photoshop magic wand, the two images were stitched together to create this stunning photo of the girls with the pram.

Amelia's room is done in purple so we started bringing in some purple tones with a lovely flowery backdrop. When we put the floral bonnet on her, her cheeks and eyes just popped so much it was the cutest thing!

To finish the session we did the natural look photos which are all about baby. The chubby cheeks, the curly feet, the push-ups and funny faces. Amelia loved grabbing her feet, so of course I had to capture that little bit of sweetness as well.

And suddenly we were done. So many stunning images in this beautiful gallery, I absolutely loved it and I could tell that the girls did too!

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