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Baby Sarah - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Baby Sarah arrived with her big sister Emily, who bounded out of hte car and told me she was here to have photos done.

Last time I saw Emily, she looked like this:

And now she is all grown up and a little pocket rocket! She quickly found a mini camera and started taking photos of me, and then I asked if I could take photos of her.

While Sarah had a feed before we got underway, Emily took centre stage in the studio giggling and playing games with me while we captured her hilarious personality. She loved the little pram I have and so it was only fitting that we captured some photos of her pushing the pram, then later in the session photographed baby Sarah in the pram to create a beautiful sister photo.

Sarah was ready for her shoot so family photos were quickly underway, and what a family photo! Talk about one for the wall!

Then it was Emily's turn for a cuddle with her baby sister. Oh holy sweetness, these two girls!! Emily was so tender and sweet snuggling and gently kissing her baby sister on the head. Sarah was wide awake and looking around at all the fuss we were making over the two girls.

With the sibling photos clicked off, Emily was free to run and play with the toys in the main room while we finished off Sarah's session in the studio.

Flowers and headbands were all called to action and we created a beautiful soft toned setup that looked like a dandelion, little Sarah nestled in the centre.

Last set of the day is the "sleeping on beanbag" flow posing, and for this to work, babies need to be in a deep sleep so they stay put in each pose and don't startle and hurt themselves.

Sarah was not asleep. She was wide awake still, keeping an eye on everything we were doing.

It took a big milky feed, some heat, white noise and a lot of snuggles and swaying to get her to drop off, but eventually she did, and into such a lovely deep sleep that we made it through the entire flow posing set!

Emily was first back in the studio asking if we were done "for real this time?" (I think she misunderstood when we said "you are done" after her photos were finished!) and then said how much she loved playing with the kids kitchen toy and that I needed to tell her parents which shop to buy one from. This kid is gold.

We waved our goodbyes and just like that the girls were gone, very likely for a nice snooze in the car on the ride home.

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