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Cullen Family - Family Photographer Brisbane North

I could not contain my excitement when this gorgeous family got in touch to book some updated family photos. The last time I saw them they looked like this:

Flash-forward two years and Rose and Claire are bundles of energy, giving their now 6 year old brother Jackson a real run for his money!

Can we take a moment to really appreciate the awesome clothing choices here? I was so excited when I first saw them, such warm and classic colours that worked so well in both the park setting and the golden sunset photos too.

With twin two year olds I always knew this would be a fast paced shoot - and it certainly was!

Thankfully their awesome parents were fully loaded with energy also and we spent a lot of the shoot running around with the kids!

I always get the expected "formal" photo out of the way first and it was lucky we did because the kids all took turns being hungry or upset after this photo was in the bag. Totally normal by the way, no matter the age of the kids they always get tired of being told what to do pretty quickly. Go figure right?

So. We do formal photos first and then the session descends into an hour of mucking around, climbing trees, dancing in the dust, piggy back rides, and more.

I love this spot because there are so many options for the photos. We start in the parkland and then as the sun gets lower we head out to the beach, and if the tide permits we ca run riot on the mudflats as well.

This regular change of scenery is also a great trick to keep the kids on side with new things to find and new games to play each time we move to a new spot.

By the time we were heading to the mudflats it was getting a bit cool, but thankfully not breezy. The water on the other hand was.... arctic. Ok, ok I know we live in Queensland so it was probably just "Cold" to most people, but no matter which way you cut it, getting your feet out of toasty winter shoes and walking into icy winter sea water is always a bit of a shock.

Dad had one twin under each arm as we made out way through the first little rivulets and out to the sandy flats. Once we were out there the kids were in their element, racing off in all directions!

Looking for the sand worms and splashing in the little puddles kept everyone happy, so much so that we photographed right up to sunset. 5.30pm just in case you are worried that the kids were up too late. This is one of the reasons that I love winter sessions!

Emma and Adam had a quiet moment while Jackson took the twins hands and headed them back to the car, and this would be one of my personal favourite photos from their whole shoot. So obviously still very in love and with a clear adoration of their beautiful children.

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