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Baby Vincent - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Vincent snuck into the studio a quiet little man, his full head of beautiful dark hair instantly catching my eye!

As a newborn photographer I am blessed to meet hundreds of babies every year but it is always a special moment to meet a new baby for the first time. Even at just a week or two old, I find all babies have strong personalities already developing!

Vincents personality is really chilled out!

He was awake for a long time at his photography shoot, wide awake but peaceful and content. He even gave me some awesome smiles like this one in their family photo - isn't this just amazing!?

He also sent through some great expressions when he was wrapped up tight on the blanket, tucked in with teddy bears and bonnets.

Next we moved to some basket sets and since he was still awake I kept him wrapped up for the first one, a neutral tone.

By this stage most babies are asleep, but Vincent is not most babies.

To change things up a little we put some pants on and tried a blue set, but he was not having a bar of it, preferring instead to be upright in a snuggle rather than laid down in a soft fluffy nest.

Eventually, with a lot of heat, white noise, a full tummy and some extra work on our behalf patting and vibrating the beanbag, Vincent did drift off into a delightful sleep and we were able to capture a full sleepy workflow.

I can only hope that his parents enjoyed a lovely afternoon snooze with him!

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