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5 Easy DIY Christmas Photos - Safety First

Around this time of year all sorts of creative and festive images start flooding our social media feeds. It is really important to remember that a lot of these kinds of images are created with photoshop to keep babies and children safe.

There are so many things that might seem like a cute idea for a photo but can put your precious baby in harms way such as wrapping them in fairy lights, taping the kids to a wall, hanging a baby in a stocking or putting your baby in a glass bowl full of baubles. These images are not safe, please do not do this.

But because I know how fun it is to take your own photos of your kids in Christmas theme, here are a couple of simple ways to take a safe and special photo of your kids this year.


It looks almost like a studio photo, but here is the secret, its just wrapping paper!


- Choose a matt paper. Shiny, reflective paper doesnt photograph well

- You may need 2 strips of paper on the wall to make a big enough backdrop

- Try to have your main light source (i.e. large window) behind you or to the side of you

- Turn your flash off

- Sit your child around a metre in front of the backdrop so it will be a bit blurry

- If you have a DLSR set your f stop to about 3.2 to get a nice blurry background

- Get down low, on your tummy even, to take the photo at their level

- For babies, you can give them a Christmas teddy to hold or for toddlers a seat will help keep them in place for a few seconds while you take the photo


This one is pretty obvious, there's not much more I can say on how to capture it. It took a few tries to get the heart shape just right but we got there in the end! The girls still talk about this photo and make candy cane love hearts together!


To add Santa into your photos without much hassle you can create a fake arm with a cheap stocking, cut the toes open, slip a white glove on (in my case I use a white exfoliating glove!) insert the arm and boom, Santa hand!

Heres a video of how it works:


You can easily create a Christmas themed photo with a small prop such as a miniature tree, an oversized present or reindeer ears!


This is a little trickier, but a fun one to try if you're inclined! The light coming from the book or the box is just a phone, but with the house lights off and the sparkles from the tree behind, it all comes together magically! Make sure you are not using a flash or it will ruin t he lighting technique. I used the following settings to capture the image and then processed it in camera RAW and photoshop to get the finished result.

I hope you enjoy having fun creating some magical Christmas photos with your own family this year, stay safe and Merry Christmas!

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