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Baby Evie - Brisbane Baby Photographer

Evie, I love you.

From your big blue eyes always brimming with smiles to your little soft hands that you love to clap, it is always such a treat to be around you.

It has been a year since we first met. You, a tiny little bub that had arrived early and still so tiny by the time you arrived in my studio, and me, blissfully unaware of how much you and your family were going to mean to me.

It's the first time I have cried with a family in my studio, seeing your mum so emotional with love for you, and I instantly had to hug her. I think we have all been friends since that hug.

So flashfoward a year, and that tiny little newborn is suddenly a bouncing giggling bub with a spark very much still in her eye. Sweet cooing gurgles, claps and smiles and... oh gosh I miss you!

Your dad loved the little dinosaur outfit on you, and as you were crawling around the studio I could totally see why!

For the first time in all our sessions your parents were part of the shoot as well, which is a big deal for me. You have such a gorgeous loving family and their love just radiates out of these images!

I always encourage parents to be part of the photoshoot. Even if they don't print those photos, they will become some of the most important images in their child's life. As a mum who takes all the photos in my family, I know how rare it is to be in a photo with my own kids, but how much I love seeing photos with my own mum when I was a baby. You parents are taking photos to look at you but I know you will love looking at these photos of your parents in the future.

One of the best things about photographing milestone sessions with families is that we can create special time lapse images like this one from your newborn, sitter and first birthday sessions. I love how by using the same prop each time we can really see how big you've grown!

I look forward to seeing your beautiful family for another update shoot in the future!

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