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Cousins Photoshoot - Brisbane Family Photographer

It was an exciting day in the studio when Tripp, Adelaide and their new baby cousin Flynn came to visit!

Tripp was full of smiles from the moment they arrived, Flynn snoozy at just two weeks old, and Adelaide a little uncertain at first.

We started the day with some simple black and white photos, and you can see their three unique personalities already!

To give Adelaide a rest, I put the focus onto baby Flynn for a little bit, setting up this adorable grey koala photo for him. He seemed to like it and shared the cutest little smile while all rugged up!

Since Flynn had a set of photos on his own, it was only fitting for the older children to have a set for themselves too.

One of the unique features of my studio is that we have large private gardens right on site, so for something different, we popped outside to one of my favourite spots.

These kids brought the cute big time, Tripp was stoked to be outdoors and Adelaide was really starting to relax by now as well. They loved looking for the butterflies and flowers around them and since it was summer there were plenty of both!

We finished the session with some more indoor sets, some soft warm cream tones first, the kids loved telling Flynn secrets!

Then a gorgeous earthy toned set with some props. Tripp had the old trike, Adelaide a cute rocking chair, and Flynn a beautiful wooden bed. I think its safe to say that all 3 loved this set!

With the morning flying by we called it a day and let this little crew get on their way for a special lunch treat. It was a wonderful morning for everyone in studio, Flynn and his mum, Tripp, Adelaide and their Grandma too. These truly are some special memories that these cousins will cherish forever, especially as they are now hanging in their Grandma's home like this!

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