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Baby Grace - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

At this family's maternity photoshoot I met young Charlie for the first time and was immediately taken with his gorgeous cheeky smile and beautiful bright eyes.

Such a fun little boy, he was very excited to be getting a new baby sister in just a few weeks time.

One of the great things about newborn photoshoots is that they come with a free maternity photoshoot as well, so we can capture stunning imagery of this very special time in your life and also get to know each other before the newborn photoshoot.

The kids really enjoy this because it means when they return, they know where all my good toys are and often race right past me at the newborn photoshoot to find the toys they liked the best last time they were here!

Well those weeks shot by really quickly and before we knew it, the family were back in studio with adorable little Grace in their arms.

Big brother Charlie was so protective of her, jumping at every chance to have a snuggle and a gentle little kiss into her hair.

The colour tones for this session were soft and warm neutrals, and Grace looked so perfect with them, wrapped in a dusky pink knitted wrap and nestled into soft natural wool layers.

Her mum had brought along a very sweet little doll to be included in the photoshoot, I love incorporating personal items like this. Just when we thought Grace couldn't get any cuter we put a lacy bonnet on her and laid her with the doll that was almost bigger than she was at the time!

One of the things that I love capturing at newborn photoshoots is the delicate details of eyelashes, lips and teeny little fingers like this. These beautiful macro (that means "super close-up") shots are part of every shoot because I completely adore how tiny but perfect babies are, and these images show exactly that.

Sleepy photos are what newborns are best at, and while Grace wasn't such a fan of being on her belly, she was a superstar when it came to the relaxed side sleeping photo!

I expect that once they were home later that day, Charlie was begging for more snuggles with his sister!

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