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Baby Sonny - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I love a good surprise, and thankfully so does Yvonne since her husband surprised her with a maternity photoshoot then a baby shower all in one day!

He did give her a little warning about the photoshoot, which meant we were able to talk about what sort of photos Yvonne wanted and create those for her. She even bought her own maternity dress and it was absolutely stunning on her!

A few weeks later they were back to the studio for their newborn photoshoot with baby Sonny in their arms.

He was such a sweet little guy and his parents could not have been prouder.

We created some lovely before and after photos using images from the maternity session and blending them with photos from the newborn photoshoot like this.

Neutrals and earthy tones were the pallette for this session. This vine hamper is a personal favourite prop of mine and you can see why, the texture and tone is just gorgeous for Sonny's photos.

Sonny has a lot of personality already, and while he slept a little at the start of the shoot, he soon woke up and was a leeetle bit wary of what I was up to!

There was a bit of a funny moment when I suggested a photo where it looked like Sonny was sitting on a shelf with some bears. My kiwi accent made for a bit of miscommunication with his Irish parents and while his Mum heard "bears" his Dad heard "beers" and asked if we put a Guiness in the shot, which I loved - and then added a XXXX Gold as well since Sonny was "brewed in Brisbane"!

Here is the resulting photo of Sonny on "Mums Shelf vs Dad's Shelf" and I loved it so much I entered this image into the Queensland Professional Photography Awards where it scored High Professional Practice!

Sonny stayed awake the rest of the photoshoot which was a treat because we caputred some lovely eye contact, thoughtful looks and a cracker of a smile from him too!

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