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Baby Arlia - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

The one thing I love most about being a newborn photographer...

..... wait wait, no that's not right.

..... The best thing about being a newborn photographer... aaahhhhh.. no.

One of the top 5 things I love about newborn photography is capturing personalised images for families.

So when Ella brought in her wedding veil to little Arlia's newborn photoshoot, I was so excited! It was a beautiful, lacy family heirloom passed down from her mother and just perfect in every way.

There are a few different ways we can incorporate an item like this, but as little Arlia is a rainbow baby, I loved the concept of the veil arcing over her, like a protective layer. We added in the rainbow hearts to this image for a second version and I just love it.

Arlia's mum loves purple, so we incorporated a great blend of different purple tones into the session, from a striking image with a heart made from flowers:

to a maroon, earthy toned set where Arlia was comfortably snuggled in the centre.

Her parents are such beautiful souls, so obviously in love with their new baby girl which you can see so clearly here, their smiles for her coming straight from their hearts.

As part of every newborn session, I include family photos because, for me, welcoming a new baby is a full family experience. We always start with photos with mum, then photos with Dad, and at least 5 photos of every one together to ensure there are plenty of options for these very important photos.

The rest of Arlia's session was neutral and natural tones, soft creams and whites with a little pop of purple again here and there.

Her photos were so stunning it was a little tricky choosing which to put on the wall! In the end we created this gallery frame for a small wall space:

And then using my very awesome software we were able to create a digital mockup of a wall collection to work in with the wedding photo already hanging on the wall! The left is the digital version and the right is the real life version!

Contact Natarsha here to talk about creating beautiful artwork like this for your own home

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