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Bump-a-palooza! 10 Steps to Hosting the Ultimate Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower? Buckle up, because we're about to take you on a journey to baby shower perfection!

From choosing the perfect theme to sending out invitations that'll make your guests glow with excitement, it is all here ready to tick off.

I know that a lot of baby showers are a girls only event, but we held a mixed baby shower when I was pregnant with my first baby Sophie. It meant that my husband and his friends could all hang out and celebrate for the afternoon as well.

The party was all that more special to me to be celebrating with my best friend (Travis) as well as our tribe.

So whether you want to go all girly or make a fun event that the boys can join in too, there are loads of ideas in this post to help plan the best baby shower evahh!


1 - Plan Ahead

Girl. You know you want to throw an epic party - whether it is for yourself or for your sister, friend, cousin or whoever the fabulous mum-to-be is. That means planning ahead like a boss!

Start early. I love to flick through Pinterest and start a new board for every event. Trust me, future-you will thank present-you for being so organized!


2 - Choose a Theme

Who doesn't love a good theme party? It's like choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion, but for your baby shower! Whether it's a jungle safari, a whimsical fairy tale, or a classy vintage vibe, picking a theme sets the tone for the whole shebang and can make it loads easier to plan.


3 - Send Invitations

Whether you send them through the snail mail post, in a text or through socials, personalised invites are so lovely to receive! I recommend popping onto and whipping up something free and easy from a template there.

And don't forget to include all the deets: date, time, location, and a friendly RSVP request. Invites are so much fun and it gets everyone excited about the upcoming do!


4 - Decorate Thoughtfully

From amazing table setups to selfie backdrops and balloon garlands, there are a bazillion options for decorating! You can keep it low-key with home-made setups copied off that Pinterest board or go all out with hiring from event companies.

By the way - if you're not into doing it yourself, you can hire one of our amazing locals at Bliss In A Box to set up all your food and decorations for you! From large groups to small ones, she's got you covered and it always looks incredible.


5 - Plan Fun Games

One of the funnest parts of a baby shower is of course the baby shower games!

They are a cute form of entertainment that is all about celebrating the mum (or parents) to be.

From diaper changing races to guessing games about the mom-to-be's cravings (spoiler alert: it's probably pickles), there's no shortage of laughs to be had.

Download your FREE printable baby shower games from the freebies page on my website here.


6 - Serve Delicious Food

Let's be real, the food is the real MVP of any party.

Finger foods are always popular easy, and food that doesnt require cooking on the day is even better!

I love to have fun with themed food like baby-shaped sugar cookies or serving drinks in baby bottles with straws instead of the teats.

It is probably a good spot to mention the fabulous Bliss in a Box again here too.

And if there's leftovers, consider it a win for tomorrow's snack attack!


7 - Create a Gift Registry

Unless you want 14 nappy-cakes made from cheap nappies you will probably never use, a gift registry is a really great idea.

Set one up and watch as your friends and family shower you with all the baby essentials you never knew you needed until you started looking through the shops.

Or even better - use your gift registry to pay for part of your newborn photography package!

Just message Tarsh and we can set up a custom webpage for you where friends and family can chip in credit towards your newborn photos.

This is a truly special gift that becomes more valuable as your baby grows.


8 - Include Personal Touches

Add personal touches that reflect the parents-to-be's personalities, whether it's handmade decorations, family heirlooms, or inside jokes that only the true besties will understand.

Baby photos of the parents and grandparents are a great inclusion at a baby shower!


9 - Capture Memories

Set up a DIY selfie booth to capture all the priceless moments. From goofy group shots to heartfelt hugs, these photos will be the perfect memento of a day filled with love, laughter, and maybe just a few tears of joy.


10 - Say Thank You

Last but certainly not least, don't forget to show your appreciation to all your guests for sharing in this special day. Whether it's with a heartfelt thank-you speech or a handwritten note, let them know just how much their presence means to you. After all, it's the people who make the party, not the decorations and games!


And that concludes my top ten tips for hosting the best EVAH baby shower!

With this info up your sleeve, you're well on your way to throwing the ultimate baby shower bash.

Remember, it's not just about the decorations or the games—it's about creating lasting memories and celebrating the arrival of a precious little bundle of joy.

So go and enjoy the ride and don't forget to soak up every moment of this special day full of good times, great company, and the magic of new beginnings!



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