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Georgia and Louie - Newborn Twins Photoshoot Brisbane

Newborn babies are always such a delight to photograph in my North Brisbane studio, but when there are two, it is twice the fun and twice the cuteness!

Georgia and Louie were in for their first ever family photos recently and they were just divine little poppets, so cute and peaceful!

It might have been the first time I met the twins but I had met their very excited parents a few weeks prior when they had attended the studio for their maternity session which is a complimentary inclusion for all newborn bookings. The maternity photoshoot is really great because we can all get to know each other and start to talk about the products that we will be creating at the newborn session.

I have a large collection of maternity gowns available to wear at the session and we can shoot inside the studio or out in our private studio gardens, which is very popular.

The gown toss is always a hot favourite to capture at the complimentary maternity session, its just so magical - especially when the gown shapes like a butterfly like it did for Trang! This is, just quietly, one of my favourite ever captures of a gown mid-flight.

So back to the newborn session and while we kept a lot of the shoot in neutral tones, we also did a sweet baby blue set which looked gorgeous for both Louie and Georgia. You can see this is the point that they both decided to start stretching awake - Louies dad was so excited to have captured his "grumpy old man face" at the session lol.

As their mum loved the bed prop, we captured this sweet white and grey set with the twins tucked in together, so peaceful!

But even without props we can create gorgeous simple portraits to show just how tiny these babies started out in life. It won't be long before they dont fit into their parents hands any more!

In family photos like this one I just love how much you can literally see the love that the parents have for their little ones, the amazement of holding a little life that your love brought into the world.

This black and white circle image is very popular at newborn photoshoots and as you can see here, we can easily capture it with twins as well. The family circle, bound with love that never ends.

I do love a good behind the scenes image and this one here sums up life with twin babies pretty well I would have to say! These parents are such powerhouses of energy and kindness, running two businesses amid all the chaos of welcoming two babies, but there is only so much energy to go around and I am all for power-naps every chance possible.

It was so wonderful to have met this gorgeous family and documented this life milestone for them.



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