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Twins Kai and Luca - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Kai and Luca were born 4 weeks early, which is not uncommon for twins, but the cool thing was that they were in studio for their photos at 4 weeks old, the day before their due date!

The boys were just like sleepy newborns, although they had already done a lot of growing and were over 4kg each already. Their delightfully chubby cheeks had me melting from the moment they arrived!

Big brother Joshua was such a cute little character. He was not too sure about me, but obliged for the family photo before heading back out to play with the toys in the next room. We could not encourage him back in for a photo by himself or with his baby brothers, so we left him to play while we continued the shoot with Kai and Luca who were both sleeping very soundly due to the hot humid summers day.

It was in fact one of the hottest summer days we have had in a long time, 38 degrees and so humid the air was thick. It was the first time I have ever wished to cool a room down for a newborn session. We kept the boys cool by keeping them well fed and cuddling them with their back to a pedestal fan in between shots.

When I photographed big brother Joshua two years ago (oh, and rearly two years because his birthday is only two weeks before the twins!) they loved the colours we used so much that we replicated a lot of the colours and setups into Kai and Luca's session.

We also replicated one of the Christmas themed images from Joshua's session, here he is back in 2015, and then his baby brothers in January 2018!

You may have just noticed that the three boys are all born in December, yes I am that far behind on sharing blogs but doesn't it make for a fun trip down memory lane!?

As we were getting late in the morning, I had another idea to try and capture the elusive sibling photo of Josh with his brothers.

We realised that he was happy to be in the studio, so long as I wasn't.


Luckily I have thick skin and no offence was taken!

So I set up a lovely spot for him to play with some toy cars, popped my zoom lens on the camera and sat outside the door, out of sight. I waited until he was happily playing and then started clicking away, capturing some lovely moments. He would look up at me every now and then with a little smile almost acknowledging my trickery, a very cute and very smart little boy!

We did the same trick with his brothers, lay them on the beanbag, I stepped out of the room and left him to talk to them and give them kisses, and just like that we had a lovely photo of the boys all together and a great story to go along with it!

The session was soon over and we waved our goodbyes, the gorgeous family off to enjoy an afternoon in some strong air conditioning I expect!

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