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Baby Annabelle - Brisbane Newborn Baby Photographer

One of the things I always encourage families to bring with them to their sessions are personal items. Often this is a blanket or a cuddly toy or a special heirloom outfit.

So when a stunning handmade cradle was brought to the studio I was so excited to see how we could incorporate it! Little Annabelle was so tiny in the cradle, it had to be photographed from the side to get the full beauty of this handcrafted piece her grandfather had made especially for her.

Well, it didnt go quite to plan. We had the set-up ready, it was all styled in soft blue and teal tones to compliment the raw wood, a lovely floral backdrop behind her. We gently laid her into the cradle with her chin on her hands and.... it was a bust.

Annabelle was not happy, even with some rocking (its a cradle after all - so handy!) and some soothing and patting she was not having it.

So we went to Plan B.

See these fancy sort of photos are always created with the help of photoshop in the interest of baby safety. She would never have been cradled off the ground, it would always have been two images stitched together, one of Annabelle in the cradle while it was safely on the ground, then another of the cradle dangling from its handles.

This is where we need to give some serious props to Annabelles dad - he held that cradle out at arms length for a fair while as I photographed it at just the right height and angle.

Then just as he thought I was done... I asked him to do it again from the other side! I didnt even need that shot! Just kidding, it was necessary for the other side of the backdrop.

So here we have it, shot A + shot B + shot C (captured later in the session) equalls one quite stunning image of Annabelle in her very special cradle.

So the other thing I just have to tell you about this amazing family is how gorgeous they are together. These two were visibly glowing with love for each other and their new baby girl, it was so endearing to be around new parents with so much joy and love for each other and their new baby.

They would sneak little kisses from each other while I was checking shots back on my camera, and had those awesome little cuddles where you squeeze a little harder for a moment because you suddenly realise how amazing the person you are snuggling is.

I always love photographing new families, but experiencing such raw, honest love and joy like there was in the studio that morning is one of the best parts of this gig.

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