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Baby Pippa - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Little newborn baby Pippa is just so tiny, but already has such a big story.

Some of her story we have told with images at her newborn photography session, and I will talk through those images shortly. Some of her story is just for her family, and Im telling you that because as much as we love to share family stories, I am also respectful that not everything needs to be shared.

Lets start with this story image. Pippa's parents ran a bakery for many years, so in homage to their passion, they brought in these antique scales and bakers flour to create this very personal image.

Pippa's birthdate is also pretty special, a palindromic number meaning it is the same forwards and backwards. I am a sucker for these, and her mum is too, so of course we had to create an art piece image celebrating her very special birthdate!

Pippa's bedroom is decorated in rainbow theme, so when her mum saw this image on my Rainbow Babies blog page she knew she wanted it replicated for their newborn session.

Rainbow baby images have a special meaning in newborn photography. These are images that celebrate the rainbow after a storm. The storm is the darkness that comes from losing a pregnancy, and the rainbow wouldn't be possible without first weathering the storm. These rainbow images are a delicate and sweet reminder of the older siblings who grew their wings too early.

This next image is one that we usually create with mum, dad and newborn baby. However, unfortunately due to work constraints, Pippa's dad was unable to attend her newborn photoshoot and so her big brother Teddy stepped into the circle instead. This is the first time I have created this image with a sibling and mother and I think its just divine, especially the way Teddy is looking down to Pippa.

Teddy was amazing at his sisters newborn photoshoot, he is so doting and sweet with her. Just look at how adorable this little nose kiss is! Such a gentle and loving big brother who will be such an inspiration to her growing up.

This big brother loves and protects his tiny little sister so devotedly. She's so tiny she only just fits into his arms, but their love is so big that it just emirates from their images together.

As I offer a complimentary Maternity session with all newborn bookings, we have the opportunity to create this artistic before and after image. The "reflection" is captured at the maternity shoot and the newborn image is captured at the newborn photoshoot. I then use the magic of photoshop to stitch them together to create something really different to mark this fleeting but incredibly meaningful time in a family's life.

Newborn photographers are known for photographing sleeping babies, but I can assure you, not every baby sleeps all the time. In fact, some of our favourite images are when babies wake up and give us angelic smiles like this!

And while babies are awake, we can still continue to photograph elaborate setups like this one. The trick is to keep the babies wrapped and content. This background is actually a digital image that we blend with the photo from the newborn session on the day to create extravagant images like this without taking the time to set up this large floral arrangement each session.

We always finish a newborn photoshoot by unwrapping and photographing some of the sweet little features such and toes and hands, these little piggies are just so precious and it won't be long before those tiny little feet are running around a playground or sports field. They won't fit into a mum's hands like this for long at all.

I also love simple, clean portraits like this one that we captured right at the end of the photoshoot. Pippa, a jumpsuit, a soft blanket and the most thoughtful look in her eye. You can see right here that she is such a special little girl, for all the reasons you have just read about and so many-many more.

Get in touch with Natarsha here to enquire about your own newborn photography session now.


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