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I will let you in on a little secret (and I hope she doesn't mind me saying this) but Kirsty was quite nervous ahead of her family photoshoot in our Brisbane studio gardens last week!

And I totally get it - family photos are a big deal! Most families only book them a handful of times in our life and with all the effort we put in to prepare outfits and haircuts and hope that the kids don't scuff their knees in the week ahead, we can have a lot of nerves about how it will all turn out.

Well in this case.... it couldn't have gone better!

The crisp winter morning in the studio gardens was the perfect temperature for an energetic and fun session outdoors. The golden winter light glowing through the trees and the amazing colour pallet of their clothing popped incredibly on the lush green gardens we have at the moment.

Sisters Isla and Adalyn were perfectly behaved, fully loaded with smiles and giggles (most of the time) and they just loved playing games with mum and dad too.

Tickle fights? YES!

Nose kisses? YES!

High swings? YES!

Single portraits of the kids are always part of a family photoshoot and just look at how gorgeous these girls' came up!

A great thing about the studio gardens is that I have all these different chair props right on hand to include in the session, something that wouldn't be possible in a park or at a beach.

Another thing with our studio gardens is that we have purposefully grown plants into arches to frame your family photos, they create a natural vignette to really bring your family into the picture.

This has to be one of my favourite photos from the day - how much joy is radiating out of both Adalyn and Kirsty, it gives me the warm fuzzies big time. And here's the thing, these guys were just so naturally relaxed as they played little games together, this is not that structured portrait style at all, its all natural, organic family moments, and that honest and real love shows.

I also love to capture an image of just the parents at each photoshoot as well because when else will you have a photo like this together?

A family photoshoot always finishes with a good old fashioned tickle fight (or some other game) to get all those sillies out!

So with this many gorgeous photos, what did we create for their home? The frame box was perfect for their family, a wooden frame display box with 15 fine art prints inside that can change the display print easily.



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