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Ara Sitter Session - Brisbane Baby Photographer

The time always flies by when I have babies returning for milestone sessions - and I should know better but I am always stunned when the calendar clicks over and the newborns it seems I only just photographed area suddenly coming back for their sitter sessions!

I knew I would love this session with Ara, she was an adorable newborn and without doubt, she is an angelic little baby girl!

She was a little cool at the start of the day, not sure about smiling. It didnt matter to me one bit because as she was sat of the soft fluffy mat, a beautiful pink dress and matching flower in her hair, she was the most gorgeous little girl to photograph, smiling or not.

In case she was getting a little hungry, we gave her some biscuits to eat, and she gnawed away on them with the most intent look on her face, her parents giggled at how she was using her whole fist to keep her biscuit in her mouth, and they made for very cute photos!

We changed scene and tried to take some photos of her laying on her tummy, but Ara was having none of it.

As fast as her dad could lay her down she was back up on all fours trying to climb off the bean bag. Such a wiggler, she was so active!

We gave her a little teddy bear to see if that would slow her down, and sure enough she stopped for a few moments to inspect the bear, so thoughtful and focused on it.

Her mum had brought a few outfit changes and when I saw the red dress I knew right away we should do some brightly coloured photos with the bright light backdrop, and they came up great! Her dad played "Peek-a-boo" with one of my wraps and we were able to squeeze a couple of smiles out of her with that.

Next they indulged my creative side and let me do a brightly coloured flowery setup with a new yellow bonnet I have. Ara was not sure about it. She may have wondered why her parents would let this lady put big yellow flowers on her head, but she went with it for me as well. Kind of.

We changed her into a beautiful blue and yellow dress and ditched the headpiece and she was much happier, chewing on the flower stems and using them like drumsticks to tap the ground.

With the session winding up her Mum asked if we could do some photos in the garden, which is a great new option I have with the new studio. So we picked up a few things and stepped outside to find it had started drizzling. We waiting five minutes, checked the radar and unfortunately it wasn't looking to improve, so we called it a day and agreed that for her first birthday we would definitely be doing some outdoor ones!

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