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Baby Lilian - Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Baby Lilian arrived in her carrier looking so tiny! At just over three weeks old she was still a little poppet.

Her two big brothers bounded out of the car, very excited about photo day. 6 year old Rohan was my right-hand-man during the session, helping out wherever he could and 4 year old Atticus was totally in his element with all the toys! We even brought some through to the studio space to help entice him in for the most gorgeous sibling photo.

Family photos ticked off as well and it was time for the boys to head off to a park while Lilian took centre stage.

The theme for this session was natural, close, relaxed portraits and one pop of colour which we did in purple and Lilian looked like it was her element!

They brought some very sweet little rompers along as well and so we photographed those in a very natural, relaxed way with Lilian just chilling out on a soft fluffy blanket.

Then I snuggled her into a curled up shape and took a matching wrap and created a cute love heart around her, next thing you know she has stretched out with a big smile and the image she created herself showing how love can not be constrained. I literally LOVE this photo and its symbolism.

We moved onto the sleepy photos on the beanbag and Lilian was most happy to be on her tummy, in a lovely deep sleep. Then I turned her forward facing for the "Head on hands" photo and her mum said "Oh I love that photo," and promptly jinxed it.

Lilian, it turns out, did not love that photo.

At my newborn sessions, the baby is always in charge. This is called "Baby-led Photography" meaning we read their body language and can tell the difference between a re-settling grizzle and the cry that says "I do not like this" which means we immediately change position to where baby is comfortable again. So when Lilian says she does not want to face forward, she does not have to and we moved on to the "side sleeper".

With the beanbag photos all done the session wrapped up just as the boys returned, Atticus fast asleep in the car and Rohan very excitedly telling us all about their trip to Hungry Jacks and the awesome treat lunch they had for being so great for their photos that morning.

It was such a lovely morning with this gorgeous family, you can see so clearly in their photos the love and joy that emits from them all.

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