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Elkins Family - North Brisbane Family Portraits

You could not ask for a more perfect scenario for this family session. A gorgeous family, three beautiful children brimming with mischievous smiles and parents who are clearly Very Much In Love. Add in a stunning, balmy summer evening at a local reserve and it was a recipe for delight.

We started with some family photos and the Olivia, Jackson and Katelyn were so good at listening to instruction, 2 year old Katelyn bringing her most cheeky smiles out early on.

Then we shooed away mum and dad and had some photos with just the kids, and as if she knew it would make our hearts explode, Katelyn started tipping her pigtails to the side and giggling like crazy as her older siblings laughed along with her.

To bring some variety to the shoot we moved to a different part of the reserve where it is quite dark and comes up beautifully for black and white photos.

Since the light was dropping by this time we headed to one of my favourite parts of the reserve, the boardwalk!

The last golden light of the day was completely drenching us with warmth and I just love everything about this set of photos. From the calm meandering river behind them to the rich golden glow around them, the sweet smile each of the children has, this was just divine in every way.

Ready to reload the energy again I sent the kids for a walk a little further up the boardwalk and have tickly, giggly fun moment together. While 7 year old Olivia and 5 year old Jackson were coping well for the end of a long day, little Katelyn was starting to fade. She was trying her best to keep her big smiles up but they were starting to look a little like a grimace, and as cute as she was we started back to the cars. She took her big sisters hand and they walked back to the carpark like best friends.

But when we got to the carpark there was a little river running under a footpath that they decided to have a look at, so we popped them all on there and as they dangled their legs and splashed their toes into the fresh running water I captured some of the sweetest moments of childhood that we have likely all experienced some time growing up. I particularly love how you can see their reflections in these images too.

Then since the waters edge had emptied out the kids wanted to go have a look into the river, so I kept my camera in hand and captured some sweet little moments of them playing in the river and looking for koalas in the trees opposite.

The sun had well and truly set now and the kids were bundled into the car with a pre-made dinner ready to go for the drive home. The were so cute all buckled in with their lunchboxes out and enjoying a delicious dinner as they headed away.

It truly was a perfectly delightful afternoon.

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