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Baby William - North Brisbane Newborn Photographer

As you likely know by now, I love getting to know the families I photograph and working with them to design creative imagery that is personal to them.

Well, this particular family I could just about gush over all day long.

Everything they tell me, I think "Ooh I can see a photo in that!"

When Tash first contacted me about a newborn session she had no plans for a maternity shoot as well, but she took up my offer of a promotion I had running that included a free maternity session, and it was possibly the best decision she could have made. In her life. Ok probably marrying her gorgeous husband Chris was her best decision ever, but you get the idea.

So this all started a few months ago when they turned up for their maternity session, Tash holding her breath for about the first 20 minutes as we got to know each other.

After that, we were chatting and laughing and everything was so casual and easy.

During the maternity session Chris mentioned how he is in a tap dancing group called Those Tap Guys and so we started thinking of how to incorporate an image for that.

Turns out he is also part of the local volunteer fire brigade. So we talked about incorporating a photo for that.

During a maternity session I also love to create a before/after photo when possible, which Tash loved the idea of and so we got to work.

When they arrived a few weeks later for the newborn session I was buzzing with excitement to share the concept I had for the before/after photo, and of course to meet sweet little William!

He was a little poppet, only just clicking over 6lbs at birth, but so happy and content with his mum and dad. He was so chilled out in fact that we captured sooo many cute photos, it was really hard to trim it down to a manageable newborn gallery of 55.

We started with the family photos, as I expected, they are stunning.

Then a photo with a Bronco's teddy that was a gift from his Aunty.

Then Chris' tap dancing photo.

Then the firefighting photo.

t was about this point that we all fell into a fit of giggles as Tash presented one animal outfit after the other, by the time we were photographing the fourth one we were all laughing pretty hard at how indignant William will likely be looking back on these photos as an adult. I still think this is pretty funny, and so super cute!

He made it through all of this, and then some. Sleeping soundly, content as could be. The particularly loved this wrap because it looked a little like a snake skin, and thats when the next jewel came out... they have a pet python called Lydia. !!!

My eyes lit up "Theres a photo in that!" and there are plans in the works for Lydia to join us for a photoshoot soon! When I told my children about this they were literally fizzing that it might happen and I suspect they will not want to leave during that photoshoot!

It was a wonderful morning with this gorgeous family and I would certainly love to see them all return (with or without their python) because it was just like hanging out with friends, a couple that are so beautifully in love with each other, great sense of humour and totally doting parents. You guys are my tribe. <3

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