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Jones Family - North Brisbane Family Photographer

We met on one of the most idyllic afternoons Brisbane has ever offered up. A late autumn day with beautiful warm breeze still hanging around from summer, although just the lightest breath of it. The sun gently embracing us and the ocean still and calm, a beautiful peacefulness was all around us.

Enter 2 year old Audrey.

She's awesome by the way, her adorable bright bow on her head, she jumped out of the car and told me she was pretty.

Her dad is also pretty, so she tells me.

Thankfully, eventually, she announced that her mum is also pretty.

Then off she went to explore the parklands by the ocean.

We got off to a rocky start with the family photos, Audrey not really interested in any of the fun games we were suggesting.

In fact, she was so disinterested at this point that she crossed her arms and walked directly away from me, looking back occasionally to throw some shade in the sweetest, sassiest way a two yearly can. It was truly very cute, and I could see that she was not really upset, she was having a bit of a game testing out who was in charge.

Oh, it is her because it's always the kids that are in charge at my shoots. They are the ones that determine how we go, because for me the most important thing at a session is that we have fun. And parents will always have fun if their children are happy. So keeping the kids happy is my top priority!

Once she had established she was in charge she was much more content to play along with us, showing her mum some shells and climbing trees with her dad.

At one point while she was playing peek a boo with her mum, she pulled a great scary face and it was so funny I just had to include it here. When good games go bad!

We ventured further onto the beach and even though the water felt icy cold on our precious little toes, we all mucked into the stream and captured some truly stunning family photos giggling and playing in the last golden light of the day.

On the way back to the car we noticed a yellow flower in a tree and so Audrey picked it and gave it to her mum, it was the cutest little moment and one that I was so glad to be able to capture for this beautiful family.

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