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Baby Declan - North Brisbane Baby Photographer

One of the best things about sitter sessions is the SMILES!!

Declan came fully loaded to this one, it was adorable!

Declan and his family returned to the studio for his sitter session and my gosh he has grown a lot since I last saw him as a sweet little newborn! It was only a few months ago, and boom, before you know it the tiny little man has grown into a giggling, wriggling baby boy, full of enthusiasm and curiosity.

I always prioritise family photos in my sessions because they will remain some of the most special images you will ever have. Photos are like a time capsule, where by simply viewing them your mind fills in all the blanks and takes you back to that time in your life. The baby years are really so short, it is so important to document them.

He had smiles for his mum.

He had smiles for his dad.

He had smiles for me.

Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the smiles dried up. Instead the saddest looking pout you ever saw took over!

..... And a moment later the smiles were back!

Since the warm brown tones were so lovely for Declan, I quickly laid him on a curly layer and gave him a teddy bear to cuddle, he was barely interested in the teddy bear but very intrigued by my camera hovering over his face! I just love how he looks so inquisitive in this photo, taking in the sounds the camera is making and sharing a soft smile.

Sitter sessions are a great opportunity to document how quickly your newborn changes into a baby. We can photograph for age (6 months) or stage (sitting) and if you have done a newborn session in the studio we can also capture a growth photo showing how much bigger your baby is now in the same prop they were in at the newborn session.

Your relationship changes with your baby a lot in the first year, while the newborn family photos are all about soft sweet connection, the sitter family photos are much livelier, with tickles and giggles, pretend drops and rattles, and by first birthday theres a good chance you might get a photo of everyone looking and smiling to camera as well as a lovely interaction photo.

Seriously, how cute is this setup though? I love the little overalls that look a bit like the old man from Up, and from the pout to the giggle, Declan is just divine in every way!

It's a real pleasure to capture the family dynamic and how it changes over the course of the first year, and I can't wait to see this family back for Declan's first birthday in the not-so-distant future!

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