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Baby Hannah - North Brisbane Baby Photographer

I love photographing babies of all ages and little Hannah is the perfect example of why!

Aged right in between the sleepy, wrapped up "Newborn" age and the sitting/crawling baby stage, at 4 months old Hannah is smiling, connecting and a super-cute bundle of sweetness!

We started the photoshoot inside the studio, capturing gorgeous family photos with her parents. Since she is that little bit older than a newborn, this is a great time to capture the beautiful connection she has with her Mum and Dad.

Next up, it was time to document one of her new skills - lifting her head off the blanket! My own mum called this pose "The Seal" which I love! Babies are always so happy to practice their new skills, and you can see just how proud Hannah is about it!

Since using all those muscles can be quite tiresome, we laid her on her back for a snuggly photo with a teddy, and just get a load of these gorgeous cheeks!!

These sessions are always short and sweet, just like the little ones being photographed. We don't wait for babies this age to fall asleep, we just capture what we can as quickly as possible and the models will let us know when they are done.

Hannah was starting to tire at this stage, however she really loved the clicking sound of the camera! She would be grizzling a little, but then hear the shutter go off and turn towards it instantly with a big grin!

To wrap the session up we put her in a cute fluffy yellow outfit, it was definitely her colour!

And if you thought her cheeks were cute earlier, just check out how sweet these little piggies are all curled together!

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