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Indoor Family Photos - Brisbane Family Photographer

What do we do when its too wet or hot outside for your family photoshoot? Well Brisbane is known for its humidity and heat in summer - and the past few years have been pretty crazy with so much rain! The good news is that with our indoor studio right on site, your family photos don't have to be rescheduled if the weather is not perfect for photo day.

Outdoor photoshoot definitely have their place but sometimes indoor photoshoots work better.

Whether it is that your little one is not quite up on their feet yet and still crawling or sitting a lot, or perhaps the weather is not ideal for an outdoor session, the indoor studio is a great option for your family photoshoot.

This can be a really great peace of mind if you have family visiting out of state or from overseas in your family photoshoot and dont have the option of a reschedule.

We have a range of backgrounds available to style the image look to your family. The high key bright white background style in the Fafita family photos above is a great and popular option for larger groups. It goes great with bright colours that really pop in these photos.

Another style is to work with lovely neutral colours such as the greys or tan tones. It can be a little more formal but a cheeky moment like this one with Merv can bring the fun in very easily!

One of the concerns with indoor photoshoots can be that it feels a little more staged, and yes to some degree we do need to stage your session a little more because my studio space is only 3m x 3m so there isn't a lot of space for moving around like there is out in the studio gardens.

However, part of my job as your family photographer is to make you at ease in front of the camera and help bring out your personality in the most relaxed and comfortable way. So with these techniques, we are still able to capture lovely, genuine connection in your family photos.

Teens are often the biggest concern with an indoor photoshoot. They can be uncomfortable in front of a camera at the best of times. Well, maybe not when they're snapping those selfies but a professional photoshoot is a little different to that!

I find this black and white style in particular is great for teenagers. It is a little bit edgy but at the same time classic, and you can see their individual personalities shine without the distraction of a background setting.

One of the most popular indoor photoshoot styles that I offer is a really relaxed and candid style as you can see below here. No one looks at the camera and it feels more like an in-home session.

This style of imagery is a lot more intimate and therefore more suited to babies with parents or siblings.

It is not suitable for larger groups but I had to include it because it is a lovely style of indoor photography, especially for small family units who love that relaxed vibe!

So if for some reason an outdoor family photoshoot doesnt suit for your family due to weather or some other reason, there is no need to reschedule your session.


Contact Natarsha here for more information or to book your own family photography session



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