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Street Extended Family - Family Photographer Brisbane

I am going to just come out and say this - I love photographing extended families!

Seeing the different family personalities all come together in one place is just awesome.

Of course we have to make sure we get lots of photos of everyone together - often the incentive for booking an extended family photoshoot is that this is the first time everyone is together in a long time. Especially with the way things have been the past year or so with boarder closures and more, the importance of family connection and making time for our family has really become such a priority.

But a big part of an extended family photoshoot is to capture all the smaller groups as well. Smaller family units, grandparents and grandkids, all the young-uns together and more.

With the studio gardens specifically grown for photographing in, there are many locations all in the one place that can create entirely different lighting and feel in your gallery. The rich velvety tones are where we usually start, its nice and easy to access right at the studio door.

Then the adventure begins as we head for a gentle wander through the gardens.

Bu the way, if you have a family member that is not up for the walk, that's no problem at all. There are two spacious flat areas in the gardens that we can hold your entire shoot in the one spot. I have seating available at both outdoor spots so the session can be hosted with full care for less mobile family members.

That was not an issue for the Street's session, so after we captured the first round of photos right outside the studio space, it was off for a walk to the front lawn for a different look.

One of my favourite spots for single portraits is on the "fairy steps" right at the studio door as well. With the natural vignette framing this spot it is one of my all-time-favourite go-to portrait spots in the gardens.

At the front of the property is the Big Log and this is a lovely relaxed spot to photograph families of all sizes. I also love a corny awkward family photo so for anyone willing to oblige - we take this ridiculous shot to all laugh at together.

The backlight was ultra cool to photograph into and I had a lot of fun with siblings Claudia and Alexander to create something a little more artistic and different for their sibling photos. Getting a bit creative at a photoshoot is always so much fun!

As I mentioned at the start, capturing all the smaller groupings of family units is a highlight at every extended family photoshoot. Everyone gets a turn to be in front of the camera while the rest of the family joke on the sidelines.

The golden winter sun is setting right in the most perfect spot at the moment for a sun-drenched finish to the afternoon shoots. These are some of my most favourite images in the outdoor sessions at the moment - and given how many have been chosen to print for family walls, I would say that they are popular all round!

And because we always love to print something for everyones home, this gorgeous wooden desktop set is going to live with Claudia and Alexander.

Contact Natarsha here for more information on an extended family photoshoot for your own family.



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